Let’s Talk

Hi, I’m Shaun. I’m a San Diego-native and senior freelance copywriter. I’m married to the beautiful and hilarious Mrs. Cory Keating and we have 2 sons under 3 years-old named Shepherd and Ren.

In my (almost non-existent) spare time I like to cook, bake, build stuff with wood, do some strength training, and write news summaries for my journalism project NewsFeather.com

I write about politics, copywriting, masculinity, fatherhood, entertainment, goal setting, time management, and confidence on My Blog.

Check out my sweet skills below.

Contact me:   shaun @ shaunkeating dot com

My Skillset

Direct Response Copy

I use customer personas/avatars for all my DR copy. I also spend a great deal of time getting to know your product.

  • Emails

    I write high-converting direct response email campaigns for cold and warm leads. I also write auto-responder nurture drip sequences.

  • Sales Letters

    I can write video sales letters (VSL) of any length. Short animations or 25-minute live action videos, I’m your guy.

  • Landing Pages

    Long sales pages or short lead gen pages, I develop eye-catching headlines, irresistible bullet points, and powerful CTAs. I can work with designers to build the pages and I love A/B testing them.

  • Verticals

    I’ve created direct response copy for a wide range of verticals, including: finance, personal development,
    health, fitness, and event promotion.

Web Content

  • Brand Voice

    From billionaire real estate moguls to small pet brands, I’ve developed a consistent strategy to capture and define a brand’s voice.

  • SEO

    I work with agencies and brands to implement SEO best-practices to help your site start ranking.

  • Press/Events

    I create press releases that get interviews, white papers that you can’t put down, and case studies that prove your product or service works.

  • Web Copy

    People will read copy if it’s interesting. I develop web copy that delivers your message and earns the attention of your potential customers and clients.

Sales Funnels

  • Nuts and Bolts

    From conception to launch, I can help and creative direct each stage of your funnel copy.

  • Landing Pages

    I’ve work with designers and front-end devs to create high-converting landing pages. I can also A/B test them.

  • Lead Gen

    As a content writer, I can also write lead gen materials like webinars, white papers, and articles.

  • Emails

    I am the email campaign master. Cold emails, warm emails, drips, auto-responders, and nurture campaigns.

Get in Touch

The best way to contact me is via email: shaun @ shaunkeating dot com

How I Work

My Writing Process

Depending on the project, I use different processes to write successful copy. 

Direct Response Copy Writing Process

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. So direct response copy is all about connecting your product to your customers’ emotions.

To do that, I always start with the demographics and customer persona. I use that info to flesh out the prospects’ specific emotions that I’ll target in the copy. 

Your product has features and benefits that meet your customers’ needs. I drill down those features and benefits to find out how they impact your customers on an emotional level.

From there, I often work with my clients to build a story arc or some kind of hook that draws in the prospect. 

Web Content Copy Writing Process

For web content, my first goal is to capture your voice. To do that I often interview clients and spend time reading anything that you may have written.

The next step is subject matter research. This is one of my favorite parts of copywriting! I’m always learning about new stuff. If I’m not familiar with the subject, I’ll  develop a level of mastery that allows me to create authentic copy.

Sales Funnel Writing Process

For sales funnels, one of the biggest distinctions I look for is warm versus cold leads. With cold leads, there’s a lot more heavy lifting to do with the copy. Warm leads have the benefit of a previous relationship Sales funnel copy is a lot like direct response. It’s all about creating an emotional connection with your readers, drawing them in, and earning their attention.