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These are just a few samples. There are no long-form video sales letters here but I have dozens I can send. Feel free to Contact me. If you don’t see a sample below of the type of copy you need, chances are I have some I can send you.

Paul Walker’s Non-Profit – Reach Out World Wide (ROWW)
Paul Walker Reach Out World WIde

I got the chance to write some copy for Paul Walker’s non-profit organization before he passed away in 2013. Reach Out World Wide coordinated a network of volunteers, EMTs, fire fighters, medical professionals, and skilled workers to provide first response to natural disasters around the world. ROWW were some of the first people on scene for disasters in Chile, Alabama, the Philippines, and more. My role was to interview first responders and get their thoughts on what happened to give readers a sense of what it was like on the ground.




Content Reposted by Celebrities

In July, 2014 I started a news and journalism project called News Feather. Just 6 months later I was able to get massive  organic exposure on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when my content was picked up my several celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and actress Rosario Dawson.








Web Content that Grows Businesses

Chubby Gorilla is the first vaporizer accessory manufacturer to design a plastic bottle specifically for the needs of vaporizer enthusiasts. Before Chubby Gorilla, the industry standard were these little glass bottles. But the glass bottles often leaked and pouring the e-liquid into the vaporizer was difficult. Chubby Gorilla came to me with this incredible new product and I was thrilled to work with them. One of the challenges with Chubby Gorilla was they had 2 target demos. They wanted to sell direct to consumers and also e-liquid manufacturers.

Today, Chubby Gorilla has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of e-liquid bottles.



Direct Response Landing Pages

Landing pages are obviously a critical piece of any sales funnel. As a copywriter, landing pages pose a unique challenge because design plays a bigger role than in email sequences. I love working with designers and  front end developers because of how different our disciplines are. All of us speak to the consumer but in massively different ways and I always learn something new from them.

Here I’ve included a sample I wrote for a finance client (if you want more finance samples make sure to just shoot me an email–I’ve got tons). I’m a huge John Carlton (and Joe Karbo) fan and I love his “lazy man’s XYZ” idea that I swiped for this landing page. Finance is a fun space for me because I’m like a sponge when it comes to learning about trading. It’s fascinating to me. Plus, the clients usually have an innovative product which makes it easier on me to write about it.






 Direct Response Email Sequences (Drip Email Sequence)

Email drip sequences are one of my favorite pieces of copy to write. I love weaving stories throughout the campaign that keeps the reader hooked through the whole sequence. Click on the image to see it full size to read the copy. Or you can click here to see the emails in html: Email 1, Email 2, Email 3

I’ve written sequences as long as 12 emails before and also copy for live, ongoing campaigns. I have additional samples from the finance and health space that you can request as well.


Direct Response Social Media Ads

My clients spend their hard-earned money to buy ad space and I want them to as successful as possible. Every single word, comma, and bullet point needs to be spot on. But even the best writers in the world test their copy. Here are a couple versions of a Facebook ad that the client ran simultaneously to figure out which messaging worked best with the target demo.



Brand Development and Brand Voice for Beetle Juice Vapors

Beetle Juice Vapors Link to Main Site

I’ve worked with the founders of Beetle Juice Vapors for several years now on other endeavors. They approached me with a new project they were launching in the vaporizer space. They needed me to create the brand voice, web copy, and PR copy for Beetle Juice Vapors. I discussed their target demo in great detail with them, their goals for the project, and got a sense of the kind of brand they wanted to present. From there, I created some copy options for them to consider and the copy on their site now is what we ended up going with.




Brand Development and Web Content for VM Audio

VM Audio Link to Main Site

I’ve been writing copy for VM Audio for several years now. When I started, my main challenge was learning the technical language, slang, and jargon used by their target demo. They wanted to sell to audio enthusiasts so I spent a lot of time reading audiophile forums and technical docs to familiarize myself with how they talked about their favorite products and passions. Since the clients are also audio enthusiasts, I had the opportunity to get even more input as my copy went through several rounds of edits. Growing up playing lots of different instruments and being around audio equipment it was very exciting for me to dig deeper into this target demographic and the home/car audio vertical as well.

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